Full Version: Glue or Adhesive for Marble/Granite?

From: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#1]
 28 Jul 2005

Has anyone tried (with success) to glue or otherwise adhere marble or granite to other materials? I've had a lot of interest and questions on somehow attaching a laser etched marble/granite photo to an existing tombstone. When we did my Mother-in-Laws we had the monument company sandblast an area to inlay the 4" marble tile. They use some kind of epoxy-like glue but it didn't set well and got all gooey around the edges.

I just had a visitor today asking what their options were once a stone is already in place. Typically I direct them to the monument company but I would like to help them out if I can.

Any ideas?



From: BobT [#2]
 28 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#1] 28 Jul 2005

I think your best bet would be Polyurethane glue, like as in Gorilla Glue or Elmers Pro Bond. It will glue anything to anything and is waterproof when cured. The only drawback is cure time, 12 to 24 hours.

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#3]
 28 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#1] 28 Jul 2005

I had to do an identification marble/brass plate for a Saint statue base. The base was also marble. The plate was made out of a spare piece of the base facing which I had cut and edged by a small marble company. They gave me some epoxy and some hardener in coffee cups.

Sanded lightly the area where it was going, mixed the epoxy and applied. Put some carton sealing tape over the edges to hold it in place. I was told that in ten minutes it would set. I waited 15 to be sure then removed the tape. It is perfectly vertical and has lasted for years, do not know if it can even be removed with a crowbar.

It was supposed to be a special marble exoxy, and certainly worked like one.

From: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#4]
 28 Jul 2005
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#3] 28 Jul 2005

That gives me some hope. Is it very difficult to sand a small area of marble, in other words, would I need some kind of electrical sander?

From: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#5]
 28 Jul 2005
To: BobT [#2] 28 Jul 2005

Thank you for the suggestions. I'll check into those types of glue. It would be great if I could find one that sets in 10-15 minutes like Harvey is talking about.

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#6]
 28 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#4] 28 Jul 2005

Something like 60-100 grit, hand sand, just roughen the surface a bit and get the sanding dust off, and the grab increases dramatically.

Also use some paint thinner or lighter fluid first to get off any wax left from the polishing. Be sure that the thinner/fluid completely evaporates after cleaning.

From: logojohn [#7]
 28 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#5] 28 Jul 2005

We use a 2 part quick setting clear epoxy we get at O'Reilys auto parts.

It amazes me what all and how fast it holds things together.The excess can be cleaned up. If your objects aren't exactly flush it even fills in the gap.

We even use it to put glass awards together. Ours and also several than have come apart from other places.

From: Ken D. (KDEVORY) [#8]
 28 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#1] 28 Jul 2005

You can buy epoxy at home depot that lists marble along with a lot of other materials. At some point I have an indoor application to test it with. - You could probably find some at any store with a good selection of glues.

After having drilled into rock and using screws for a pet memorial, I wouldn't recommend it unless you plan on doing any quantity. A good drill bit is expensive and they are speed sensitive.

I used silicone adhesive behind the memorial, but with the screws we won't know how the adhesive alone would work.

I'd suspect the epoxy that stayed gooey wasn't mixed properly.

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From: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#10]
 28 Jul 2005

Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll keep you posted if/when I try this out.

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