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From: baz (RINGROAD) [#1]
 9 Aug 2006

I am about to purchase a Bus jet epson printer which after an application of a spray, can print on most surfaces. It can only print on flat surfaces (No protrusions as it only has a narrow entrance to the printer. The resolution and definition of the printer is terrific. I have done some samples on glass and it looks good. Can I get some feed back from any other owners. Baz

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From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#2]
 9 Aug 2006
To: baz (RINGROAD) [#1] 9 Aug 2006

Busjet was one of the first direct printing systems, based on ink jet printing technology. Recently, other companies have climbed in with their own brands.

I'm not sure if any of our forum members own the Busjet system, but there are a few that are knowledgeable of direct printing systems.

From: LipChip [#3]
 12 Aug 2006
To: baz (RINGROAD) [#1] 8 Oct 2006

As David L. (forum owner) knows, I introduced him over 2 1/2 years to direct flatbed printing with the Busjet system. I no longer respesent Busjet, or any of their distributors and suppliers. PLEASE reconsider your purchase with the Busjet system.

For the past 2 years I've worked with www.swi-usa.com (San Wave International) and www.DTGDigital.com (Impression Technologies / Australia) to introduce their high quality, direct to garment and direct to product printers. I've worked with many different surfaces, pre-coats, post coatings, and developed inks together with these companies. With either of these we could give you much better support and servicing of these products.

At the SGIA show in Las Vegas, Sept. 26-29th both companies will introduce new printers and possibilities.

From: baz (RINGROAD) [#4]
 8 Oct 2006

David I just read your posting re DTG I was in the process of purchasing a busjet but I sent it back because I hate the precoating situation. I am in Melbourne and I am very interested in buying this process but I havent found a system that I feel is quite right for me.
I want something that can print on glass etc. Does this process print white can you explain it a little for me Barry Grant (Baz)

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#5]
 8 Oct 2006
To: LipChip [#3] 9 Oct 2006


Of the two Davids in this thread, Barry seems to be directing his post to you.

From: LipChip [#6]
 9 Oct 2006
To: baz (RINGROAD) [#4] 10 Oct 2006

Hello Baz,
The DTG machines are printing white for our garment/fabric solutions, however the white inks working in combination with our glass, metals, acrylics, etc. will not be available until Dec. of this year. We are currently testing, and hope to make announcements in the next two months.

Regardless of the white inks, or other inks you use in the direct flatbed technology, pre-coats are still necessary on many of the substrates. Adhesion issues are getting better all the time.

From: baz (RINGROAD) [#7]
 10 Oct 2006
To: LipChip [#6] 10 Oct 2006

Thanks David
I went down to the local agent last night and he showed me the Textile printer. I am very impressed, He seems to think that you dont need to pre spray when printing to metals ,glass etc. He was talking of a heater element that preheats the object to be printed ???
I suppose the technology is very early and needs to go through a trialling period. I can understand the difficulty with the inks, Anyway thanks for your interest and I am definately hot for this machine, Regards Barry Grant (Baz)

From: baz (RINGROAD) [#8]
 10 Oct 2006
To: baz (RINGROAD) [#7] 10 Oct 2006

David further to my reply. The awful part about this technology is the prespray, I am amazed that no supplier has come up with a box to eliminate dust and all the other hassles, I just could not spray an item without dust specks, even a procedure to eliminate dust,surely there must be a way. Barry

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