Full Version: Gravostyle 98 dongle in updated computer?

From: geebeau [#1]
 16 Jan 2007

Hi.. a quick question.. I currently have gravostyle 98 with the big dongle in a Windows 98 computer. If I wanted to use it in an updated computer, would a cable with the big serial port on one and and the USB to go into the computer on the other end do the trick?

From: UncleSteve [#2]
 16 Jan 2007
To: geebeau [#1] 17 Jan 2007

If it didn't work, an aftermarket PCI card could do the trick. They are cheap, around $15-20 at the computer shows around here plus the admission to the show.

Compusa has them for about $30.

From: Jim (RETAIL74) [#3]
 17 Jan 2007
To: geebeau [#1] 17 Jan 2007

Get the card. The USB port adaptor never seems to work correctly. The port needs to configured for hardware. The additional adaptor will only lead to problems.

If the updated computer is a laptop and you can't install the card, I would suggest getting an inexpensive desktop system. The software works well on XP. I installed the program on a new system a few months ago. The install went smooth, but I did need a lockout code from New Hermes.

From: geebeau [#4]
 17 Jan 2007
To: Jim (RETAIL74) [#3] 17 Jan 2007


From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#5]
 17 Jan 2007
To: geebeau [#4] 18 Jan 2007

I second that suggestion. Gravostyle98 works well from Win 3.1 through XP-Pro. I have used it on all with no problems.

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