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From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#22]
 17 Jul 2004
To: aallen [#21] 17 Jul 2004


With the woodworking capability you're in a good position to offer items that can't be found in catalogs etc. You're already ahead of many engravers in that regard.

Others may beg to differ, but I say there's nothing wrong, or illegitimate, about being home based. The stigma attached to being home based (hobbyist, not ready for prime time etc.) is still in the air, though much less than anytime in the past.

Ultimately, the quality of your work and a winning customer service attitude will prevail. Where you choose to work, is simply where you choose to work. Don't feel that you haven't "made it" just because you don't have a storefront.

David "The Stunt Engraver" Lavaneri
DGL Engraving
Port Hueneme, CA

From: aallen [#23]
 18 Jul 2004
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#22] 18 Jul 2004


Thanks for the encouragement about being at home. Yes, I sometimes feel people don't take me seriously being a at home business. Just as I got that feeling years ago when I decided to be a stay at home mom for many years. But, I finally realized it didn't matter, as I knew what was important to "ME".

Yes, I hope that the woodworking will help in this business, as my husband welding the tables, and other items helps. I also love taking photos, so I have a few items with photos I have taken in them. I also like to make other things, not engraved things.

Maybe some day I will have a storefront, or if I am lucking, I will be able to keep my storefront at home and enjoy my breaks in the day with my kids, dog, horses, mini donkey and llama! What a nice break it is on a beautiful day! :)

Thanks again, I will keep enjoying the information on this site.

From: UncleSteve [#24]
 18 Jul 2004
To: aallen [#23] 19 Jul 2004

since you have a "small" farm, perhaps there will be room to build a small retail shop on your own land.... Kinda the best of both worlds. You get out of the house to run your business and walk all the way home for lunch and the family.....

Uphill, both ways, in the 2 foot snow, etc. LOL

From: aallen [#25]
 19 Jul 2004
To: UncleSteve [#24] 19 Jul 2004

Yes, that would be the perfect answer to this business for me. If I can get the business to grow and be out here, that is the plan. I do have a small storefront in the house where the locals can come, if they want to drive that big 2 miles to the house from town!! LOL But if at some point I feel I am ready and need to move to town, then that might be the next step. But for now, happy being at home. :)

I do love being at home and doing this. And, they say you should do what you love!!! :) Hopefully that will be my case and at some point, I would like to be able to have the hubby stay home and work here too. As we work great together and he does make so much more things then I do. But, right now, he is needed in town with a regular paycheck.

Are there any others that run this from home without a store front in town?

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