Full Version: Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

From: aallen [#25]
 19 Jul 2004
To: UncleSteve [#24] 19 Jul 2004

Yes, that would be the perfect answer to this business for me. If I can get the business to grow and be out here, that is the plan. I do have a small storefront in the house where the locals can come, if they want to drive that big 2 miles to the house from town!! LOL But if at some point I feel I am ready and need to move to town, then that might be the next step. But for now, happy being at home. :)

I do love being at home and doing this. And, they say you should do what you love!!! :) Hopefully that will be my case and at some point, I would like to be able to have the hubby stay home and work here too. As we work great together and he does make so much more things then I do. But, right now, he is needed in town with a regular paycheck.

Are there any others that run this from home without a store front in town?

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