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From: logojohn [#1]
 21 May 2005

"Whenever two engravers get together, there will be at least three opinions on the best way to get the job done."

This forum is a way to get some great ideas for production methods, equipment and new things to add to your business from people who have done it.

But what is right for you and your business may be totally wrong for someone else.

Each person has to decide what is right for them.

I have offered some answers that seem like genius to me because they have saved me countless time or aggravation. Yet some comments back question my sanity.

I have also seen some good suggestions from well qualified people that would be totally impractical for me.

Even where I work their are different approaches to the same task from different people. As long as the end product is right, does it matter how it was done?

Even if what someone suggests may not work for you, it might be right for someone else. That doesn't make the other person wrong. You can offer your opinion and let each person decide what is right for them.

I like hearing about alternatives to the same question and figure out what will work best for me. At the same time I hope the people with the different opinions don't strangle each other.

From: Peter [#2]
 21 May 2005
To: logojohn [#1] 21 May 2005

Its sort of like this..some people are hands on types, mechanically minded and go through life , fixing their own cars, repairing the mower, building their own garages, Turned their own metal gizmos on their lathe in the shed at home, perhaps knocking up a table or bench for the shed...they have that mechanical, anylitical brain, they get into this game and use the same skills to solve problems...

Now ,they may have worked in an acoountants office for many years prior to getting out and opening up their Engraving business, but their skills work them through many a problem...

The next Bloke has come through a Fitting and Turning background, he has done his apprenticeship with a Boilermaking firm or other metal production company and has had a formal education in metal work/ fitting etc, plus the benefit of being trained under a master...These blokes have a trained perspective, many know the traditional ways to achieve a result and a somewhat confused when the "Home Garage method of problem solving ,type of bloke" puts forward a solution....Many times it may be a little more convoluted or wrong way around, to get the same solution..but they still get there.

The Trained eye may say," but it is the Wrong way to achieve the result" or the untrained eye ( the home shed tech )" may say, but I can do it this way and still achieve the same result, albeit it in an uncoventional and non trade trained way..

the end result is what matters and many different perspectives allow the non Techs among us to see how the Techs perceive things and vice a versa, the Techs can wonder how the Untrained can achieve the same result using some novel and untrained methods...

We all in turn learn something.



From: UncleSteve [#3]
 21 May 2005
To: logojohn [#1] 21 May 2005

Yet some comments back question my sanity

But not for your suggestions!! That is a stock question for anyone who ever got into this industry! LOL


From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#4]
 21 May 2005
To: logojohn [#1] 21 May 2005


It's the diversity of people and their equally diverse opinions that keep me glued to the forum.

So far, nobody's died from strangulation, but we've had several get blue in the face :P 

From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#5]
 25 May 2005

I maybe be mistaken. It's happened once....... today........but I think what logojohn was trying to get across i his post is, just because you may not like a response....don't go diss'n it, just take what you need and leave the rest....... we have a great group of intelligent people here......all with different opinions methods and points of view....live and let live....blah blah blah....

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