Full Version: Enough with the \"Confidential\" emails

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#1]
 25 Jul 2004

Please! I've had all I can take. Enough with the "Confidential" emails.

I've said it in the past, but for the benefit of those who don't know me, I didn't initiate a public forum to entertain private conversations.

If anyone takes issue with anything I've said between this forum and/or www.dyesub.org/forum or has an objection to the content of the forum, this is the place I wish to address your concerns. Right here, in public.

As an example, in the recent past, an industry supplier felt he was dealt "borderline libel" within a thread discussing his company.

How did I make that discovery? Certainly not through direct contact.

Instead, the person approached another forum member, who has absolutely no control over the management of the forum and the email was then forwarded to myself and others. To that person, I say, "Why not take the bull by the horns and make the "Borderline Libel" accusation within the thread it alledgedly occured?"

In closing, I say, do what you want. Feel free to label your emails "Confidential" but be forewarned that if your message has anything to do with my public statements or the content of the forum, it WILL become a public issue.

David Lavaneri
Forum Host/Moderator

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