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From: Cindy (CINDYM) [#5]
 20 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#1] 20 Jul 2005

Great list to start off with and what a great way to start my day by reading it!

The power of "down-time" is amazing. That's when I get my best thoughts. Wrote both my kids graduation poems for their photos in their year books at 3 am and received tons of positive comments on both. I keep a note pad and pencil on my nightstand and write down all kinds of things in the dark - then try and decipher it all in the morning.

My contribution to the list:

Contribute to your community - not for what you get back, but for the power of being a part of the solution of making your community a better place for all.

Have a great day everyone,
Cindy M

PS - speaking of dreams, mine the other night involved an award dealer about 50 miles away who sells at very low prices and me giving them a stern lecture about customer service and quality. Who knows where that all came from!

From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#6]
 20 Jul 2005
To: Cindy (CINDYM) [#5] 20 Jul 2005

May I copy that and use it for my Rotary club?


From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#7]
 20 Jul 2005
To: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#1] 20 Jul 2005

Would you mind if I cut/pasted/and printed your thoughts? I would like to share them with my Rotary Club.


From: Laura (ELLEMD628) [#8]
 20 Jul 2005
To: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#7] 20 Jul 2005

Not at all! Enjoy!

Of course, maybe I ought to be there when you share...please send a round trip ticket to... ;) 

From: Cindy (CINDYM) [#9]
 20 Jul 2005
To: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#6] 20 Jul 2005

Well, you can use it, but there is that small copyrite fee.....

Seriously, use away with my complete permission.
Cindy M

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