Full Version: Are Trophies for Kids?

From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#21]
 27 Sep 2005

On Sunday when I was at the land fill looking at all the things that folks had thrown away that still had some life in them something bright and shiny caught my eye......I really had to look at what the bent and rumpled thing was......but it sure was bright and shiny.

Finally I discerned that it was a trophy. A decent one as trophies go. White marble base, two column with a nice figurine.....probably plastic maybe not..but it made me REALLY sad ( the landfill does this to me for many reasons) because seeing the trophy there amongst the rotting garbage made me feel that someones great achievement had been thrown out.

Yes it could have been one of the trillions of politically correct no child loses kind of trophies that tend to trivialize the awarding of achievement, but I don't know that. ( my opinions on THAT are for another thread)

But what hit me the most is that all of the awards and all of the plaques mean NOTHING regardless of for a little kid or a BIG kid ( adult) if you have no one to share it with...

THE singular most important thing in ones life should be FAMILY and friends because all else will ultimately end up in the landfill.....

Just my two cent.... no change given.

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