Full Version: Watching CNN

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#10]
 30 Sep 2005
To: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#9] 30 Sep 2005

I always get 'hose'd about that one. It was really a typo. Just look at the keyboard, H is next to J.

Hose A. something is not a typo.

From: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#11]
 30 Sep 2005
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#10] 30 Sep 2005


So there is jope for you?

From: Dee (DEENA-ONLY) [#12]
 30 Sep 2005
To: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#11] 1 Oct 2005

That is one of the best I've heard (read) in a long time. Two thumbs up.


PS There really isn't any jope because he hates peppers and or pepper in any form.

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