Full Version: Dead or Alive, Diamonds can be your Best Friend (Sticky)

From: AL (SUBLIAL) [#18]
 27 Jan 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#17] 27 Jan 2007

Dave, I haven,t seen them in 30 years. It wasn,t a happy ending for them. That is a long story.
AL La Costa

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#19]
 27 Jan 2007
To: AL (SUBLIAL) [#18] 29 Jan 2007


Sorry to hear that.

From: Fordy (CENTRAL) [#20]
 28 Jan 2007

John, I must agree with you, I run a bussiness in Bendigo Australia, & have found its gives me a better result spinning a blunt diamond cutter at about half the normal speed gives you a great result on, anadised aluminium, stainless steel, s/s mugs & drinking flasks, even sterling silver bracelets the engraving dosn't wear off & the engraving stands out, just dont make a mistake its harder to buff off! I've just registered on this sight, a mate of mine Baz told me about it! I'm heading off next week to the States & I'll be at the ARA from the 20th Feb.
Seeya there Glenn (Fordy)

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#21]
 28 Jan 2007
To: Fordy (CENTRAL) [#20] 29 Jan 2007


I've recently become a proponent of spinning the diamond gravers.

Haven't tried it on everything, but find it works wonders on coated items, like some coated writing pens. It also makes a better cut for oxidizing trophy brass.

I'm happy Baz told you about our forum. We're getting quite a few Aussies on board. Some are threatening to band together and come to next year's ARA Las Vegas show. :-)

If you're in the mood to meet and party with some of the people of this forum, while in Vegas, take a moment to check out this thread:


A lot of posts there. After reading the first post, you may want to fast forward to the 200+ post, to see where we stand.

Almost forgot - Welcome to Engraving Etc!

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