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From: Rodney Gold (RODNEY_GOLD) [#27]
 2 May 2006
To: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#26] 2 May 2006

I reckon you should delete the thread , I KNEW David was opening up a can of worms here!!! :) 
Problem is that positions , stances etc taken here polarise the community and this affects the quality of Tech type posts in that in reading em , you are often coloured or skewed by the posters personal position taken and only serves to generate some animosity.
I reckon can it , it's already gettting nasty.

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#28]
 2 May 2006
To: Rodney Gold (RODNEY_GOLD) [#27] 2 May 2006


Another very effective option, for those objecting to this thread, or an individual within, is to use the "Ignore" button, a radio button located below the post(s), with a heading preceeded by: "Rate My Interest", which will restore a members peace of mind, by allowing them to "selectively" (for all practical purposes) delete the thread.

That option worked very well for me, in the "Stephen Spence" upheaval.

Some will rate the thread "Interested" while others will choose to "Ignore."

Knowing we have members across the full spectrum of interest, I think freedom of choice should prevail.

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From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#29]
 2 May 2006
To: Rodney Gold (RODNEY_GOLD) [#27] 2 May 2006

I am sure that David figured that it might be a can of worms also.

I consider it a far more accurate poll of opinions than any pollster can produce. We are far better off by knowing what opinions are out there than burying our heads in the sand.

 2 May 2006
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#29] 2 May 2006

I agree Harvey.

It's a very emotional issue because it affects us all on a personal level. It's frustrating to be an american citizen and be expected to care of everyone with our tax dollars. It's one thing to take care of the citizens of our own country, but to have people that have come to our country illegally, demand some sort of special rights in this country seems ridiculous to me.

I'm frustrated especially with my political party.......Both major parties for that matter, because neither seems to be doing what's right for the legal citizens here....Everyone is more worried about getting voted in to office, and having cheap labor, than doing what's best for our country, our national security, and our legal citizens.

I Highly doubt that Uncle Steve meant that he would do anything as brash as shoot anyone. It's the frustration that is speaking loud and clear. Once again, the vocal minority is working to shift the rules to their benefit....Instead of having rules that are to the benefit of the whole country.

This problem should unite the majority of americans, but seems to divide....all because so many people feel as if they and others should be entitled to something that was never promised by our forefathers or anywhere in our constitution........Citizenship without due process.

The entitlement attitude seems more prevalent in our society as a whole. People want the government to "take care" of them. They look for someone else to foot the bill, and make everything alright for them.

The realists among us can see that this can't go on forever......

I believe that to fix the mess that we are in, that we must declare our sovereignty and close all borders to illegals. Really close them.....not just say so.

Come up with a good way to make legal immigration easier, and a better choice than illegal immigration.

Decide how best to handle the illegal immigrants that have already found their way into our system. Find ways to create the incentive to go through a process that would allow them to become legal. That means punishing/deporting people that intend to go on without going through this process....

Companies must be held responsible for hiring someone that they know is illegal. Illegal immigrants must be punished harshly if they misrepresent themselves to a company.

These people that would become "legal immigrants in training" would have to pay taxes, and go through this process before they are entitled to any free education, or free health care in this country. Having rewards for breaking our laws becomes incentive for more bad behavior.

Allow the free market to provide the "naturalization" training with classes on English, American History, Sociology, and other worthy subjects.

No one wants anyone to forget their nationality, but they must become Americans First...

My .02

Brian G.

From: UncleSteve [#31]
 2 May 2006
To: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#26] 2 May 2006

David, a simple PLEASE DELETE (which I have done) would have worked... I am surprised that you actually quoted it!

As for the wife comment, you haven't met my ex!

From: UncleSteve [#32]
 2 May 2006
To: RALLYGUY (RALLYGUY1) [#30] 2 May 2006

Brian, you are obviously correct in what I would or would not do... The original quote was about "women" and goes back decades that I know of.... I just added the specific group because the downtown areas of many cities and towns here were virtually shut down by people that never should have been there in the first place. Fortunately there were only a couple of incidents where arrests had to be made.

Here in NY we have many that are standing on the corners looking for the landscapers to come by. Most are very nice, hard working and just trying to make ends meet, but SOME are the nastiest people I have ever met. They think they are entitled to be hired and throw a hissy fit when they are not selected from the crowd on the corner.

Out in Farmingville, on Long Island, there are "landlords" renting a 2 bedroom house with two baths to 40+ illegals..... You should have seen the problems when the town shut one of the houses down!

I apologize if my comment was upsetting to Dave, but I can only guess he is looking at the problem as an outsider and doesn't have to deal with it on a day to day basis.

From: Gary (GLSHOE) [#33]
 2 May 2006

This is something that appeared in our local paper and I thought that it really has some validity. As a vet I kinda feel the same way. I hope this isn't too long of a post but I would like the moderators and our forum host to consider it in it's entirety.

Veterans group sends president its 6-point plan on immigration
By RICHARD DEGENER Staff Writer, (609) 463-6711
Published: Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Updated: Tuesday, May 2, 2006

CAPE MAY POINT — Korean War veteran Patrick Sbarra says he didn't take hot shrapnel in his legs at the Battle of T-Bone Hill so America could become “a colony of Mexico.”

He wasn't fighting for bilingual education as an exploding phosphorous bomb burned his left arm. That day he fought for his country, June 9, 1952, a day when more than 500 of his comrades died, he says he was fighting for a country that spoke English.

Sbarra, in fact, calls it absolute treason that a town in Texas has elected a Mexican mayor and chosen Spanish as its official language. You can probably guess what Sbarra, a national field coordinator for Combat Veterans of America, a group of combat-tested soldiers with chapters in all 50 states, thinks of Monday's immigrant boycott.

“We are just fed up. We combat solders did not fight and die for our country so that these immigrants can fly their previous country's flag. This is our land, not Mexico's,” Sbarra said.

Sbarra, 77, of Brainard Avenue, has a few reasons for feeling so strongly. One is his family history. When his grandfather Cosmo Barra (the s was mistakenly added) emigrated from Italy in 1893 to Staten Island, he wanted to Americanize as quickly as possible. That's the way it used to be, Sbarra said.

“We're Americans now. In my house, you don't speak Italian,” Cosmo used to tell visitors to his Staten Island home.

Learning English is one of six demands the Combat Veterans of America is asking lawmakers to put in any new immigration laws. Sbarra said one of the group's members recently called a heating and air conditioning wholesaler in New York, and the person who answered the phone said he had to speak Spanish.

“That disturbs me tremendously. It's going to destroy our customs, our culture and everything else. That's why we fought World War I, and II, the Korean War, the Civil War, the War of 1812 and whatever. I want the America of Adams and Jefferson, and I'm not the only one who feels that way,” Sbarra said.

Unlike some veteran groups, Combat Veterans of America does not take any public money and does take political positions. Sbarra said some veteran groups are more interested in their clubhouse and their dances.

“When you're in combat, you think differently,” said Sbarra, a retired police officer who served as a U.S. Army medic in Korea.

The group's stance has been sent to President George Bush, all 50 governors and every county clerk in the country. Sbarra drafted most of it in consultation with other veterans. It claims to speak for all U.S. soldiers wounded or killed in the past 230 years and calls for the following changes to immigration laws.

Immigrants must live in the U.S. legally for five years before becoming citizens;

They must learn English;

They will not receive any government funds during this time;

To attend American schools they must have employment and pay taxes;

There will be no bilingual teaching in schools;

They cannot march or demonstrate using a foreign flag.

Sbarra said the combat veterans were distressed by seeing Mexicans in southern California demanding the area be given back to Mexico. He said a border town in Texas elected a Mexican mayor and passed a law to make Spanish the official language. Sbarra said this is treason, and U.S. soldiers did not die in battle so the Mexican flag can be marched down the streets of America.

The group is also against government handouts to immigrants. They say Mexicans come here because America has the best economic system in the world.

“Now they want to turn America into a Mexican system that has not worked for over 100 years,” states the letter.

Sbarra said Combat Veterans have won some previous victories. When leaflets in English were dropped from planes in Afghanistan, the group heard 95 percent of the Afghan people could not speak read English. They wrote the president, and shortly thereafter, the campaign, using radios by then, was broadcast in the native language.

They group also wrote officials in Iraq with advice about combating suicide bombers during the first election. The letter cost $108 in postage, but the advice was followed and the election was successful. Advice included stopping all traffic the day of the election, putting cement blocks around voting booths, and protecting police stations.

The group was the first to call for Purple Hearts for passengers on Flight 93, the Sept. 11 plane that crashed in rural Pennsylvania. Sbarra said they wrote the president and his chief of staff.

“Ten days later — it always happens 10 days later — President Bush gave the highest civilian award to those who tried to take back the plane,” Sbarra said.

Will the latest push by a group of aging veterans get a response? Sbarra said there is another option.

“Maybe I'll take a ride down and help build the wall,” Sbarra said.

To e-mail Richard Degener at The Press:


From: Franklin (FW_HAYNES) [#34]
 2 May 2006
To: Denny K (JDLASERGIFTS) [#20] 2 May 2006

This is probably one of the longest threads I have read since I started coming to this forum.
I won't quote the entire article here, but if interested, check out what congressman Steve King had to say. He makes some valid points.
I too, noticed on Sunday that the stores were packed, making me wonder what they thought they would accomplish. Monday, I got up, cleaned my house because my wife was at work. Even the toilets (one of those jobs that we legals can't do for ourselves and need these illegals to do for us) and then I went to work (my part time job at a movie theatre that I do for spending cash and free movies) where I cleaned theatres and restrooms for 6 hours (yet more work that we legals can't do) and then I came home and mowed my lawn, trimmed a tree, and root pruned a rose bush that I will be transplanting next week (yet another one of those jobs that we legals can't do). I made sure to exhause my spending budget for the week on Monday as my own little protest against the "boycott" and had a very enjoyable day.
As for a post on this thread that sympathized with the illegals and made note of their right to come up in search of a better life; visit mexico, not the border towns, but down in the heart of Mexico. You will find that they are not a country of poverty. They have jobs available that pay very well. I used to live in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamalupes and people are not starving. They come here because of the free government services they can get (that we pay for by the way).
If you go to some of the government buildings they have brochures that tell you safe ways to cross the border illegally and some that give you tips on how to survive when you get here, such as go to the emergency room for anything clinical because they cannot turn you away from the emergency room.
We are all from immigrants, but they were here here legally.
To comment to another entry on this thread where a question was asked about when the immigration laws started (or something to that effect)...
Immigration law was originally adopted to regulate the flow of immigrants who migrated from Europe to become citizens of the United States. The Immigration Act of 1891 referred explicitly to immigrants arriving "by water." United States did not regulate Mexican immigration in a similar manner. When Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1924, it recognized that Mexico was different. The act set restrictive quotas on immigrants by national origin, but these quotas did not apply to Mexico and Latin America. The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act eliminated the Eurocentric quotas of the 1924 act, but in so doing set quotas for Mexican and Latin American immigration that while equal to those from Europe, nonetheless would have, if enforced, drastically reduced the flow of immigrants from South of the border. By ignoring the underlying relationship between Mexico and the United States, the act unwittingly created a new class of criminal: the illegal alien. Over the next 20 years, illegal immigrants from Mexico exceeded legal immigrants by about twenty-to-one to one. The outcry over illegal immigration inspired Congress to attempt to restrict the flow on the border. It dramatically upped spending on border control in 1986, 1991, and 1996.
There is a group now trying to raise money for billboards across the nation that simply states "Stop the invasion" and I personally believe that if we do not get a handle on illegals coming across the border first, then take care of the ones that are here and get them out of here, we will see riots and anarchy from the illegals who think that this is a revolution.
This has to be the longest post i