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From: Mike (SPACE_ENGRAVERS) [#1]
 23 Dec 2006

My family and my brother's family are going on a Disney Cruise in March. We were kicking around the idea of getting some T-shirts printed up so we can all look alike...I was wondering if anyone on here could give me a good deal on them instead of going down town...As a minimum we would need 4 adult large, and 6 kids (vary in size). We would do the art work of course...Probably red shirts and don't need to be the most expensive material since we will probably only wear them once or twice. Looking at a large graphic on the back and a smaller one on the front breast pocket.

If anyone is interested in quoting this for me, I be grateful. We have been playing around with the laser OEM imprinting, but I ventured into doing the shirts yet and our press isn't big enough for the back graphics (I don't think).



From: GBengraver [#2]
 23 Dec 2006
To: Mike (SPACE_ENGRAVERS) [#1] 24 Dec 2006

Yesterday my new Mimaki 604 Direct to garment printer came.

We will be setting it up and be given training on it the week between Christmas and New Years.

If you can wait till after then, I would be glad to do 10-12 shirts for you at a at good price.

This machine prints right to garments with no screen charges and gives a very soft feel to imprinted areas.

The biggest drawback is that I will not be able to do Black or dark shirts as it cannot print white.

PM me if you are interested.

Merry Christmas to all!!!!


From: LipChip [#3]
 26 Dec 2006
To: GBengraver [#2] 22 Feb 2007

I thought Mimaki was using the "white" printing method through being able pre-print the shirts which take the dyed color out? Has Mimaki stopped this method, or is it an option you decided not to work with?

From: GBengraver [#4]
 22 Feb 2007
To: LipChip [#3] 23 Feb 2007

I am soo sorry.
I just saw your question about the Mimaki 604.

You can purchase the machine with or without the white option.

The white is not really white.

It bleaches (called discharge) out the color of the shirt leaving more of a very light greay than white.

I decided not to get that machine for 2 main reasons:

1) The machine with discharge greatly slows the print time.

2) I had concerns about the chemicals causing damage and wear to the
print heads, greatly shortening their lifespan.

If I get orders for dark shirts I farm them out to my screen printer.

The machine is great and the more I learn about it, the more I like it.


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