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From: laserman (MIKEMAC) [#1]
 12 Jan 2007

Here is something I read today I thought everybody might enjoy it or NOT.

What Happened?
At first I thought this was funny...then I realized the awful truth of it.
Be sure to read all the way to the end!

Tax his land,
Tax his bed,
Tax the table
At which he's fed.

Tax his tractor,
Tax his mule,
Teach him taxes
Are the rule.

Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat.

Tax his ties,
Tax his shirt,
Tax his work,
Tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he
Tries to think.

Tax his cigars,
Tax his beers,
If he cries, then
Tax his tears.

Tax his car,
Tax his gas,
Find other ways
To tax his ass

Tax all he has
Then let him know
That you won't be done
Till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers,
Then tax him some more,
Tax him till
He's good and sore.

Then tax his coffin,
Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in
Which he's laid.

Put these words
Upon his tomb,
"Taxes drove me
To my doom..."

When he's gone,
Do not relax,
Its time to apply
The Inheritance Tax

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax,
Fuel permit tax
Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Interest expense
Inventory tax
IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Road usage taxes
Sales Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone federal excise tax
Telephone federal universal service fee tax
Telephone federal, state and local surcharge taxes
Telephone minimum usage surcharge tax
Telephone recurring and non-recurring charges tax
Telephone state and local tax
Telephone usage charge tax
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

COMMENTS: Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, and our
Nation was the most prosperous in the world.

We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in
The world and Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

What happened?

And I still have to "press 1" for English
I hope this goes around world 10 times.

From: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#2]
 12 Jan 2007
To: laserman (MIKEMAC) [#1] 12 Jan 2007

What's even more sad is that I see some other taxes that are missing from the list.

From: sawdr73 [#3]
 12 Jan 2007
To: laserman (MIKEMAC) [#1] 12 Jan 2007

Is that the official "Turbo-Tax" list , or just the preliminary list? (devil)

From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#4]
 12 Jan 2007
To: laserman (MIKEMAC) [#1] 12 Jan 2007

I sent you an email I thought you might get a kick out of given this post.
In the meanwhile I submit that EVERY American simply stop paying taxes at the same time. THAT would send a powerful message that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

Just my two cents. Want change?

Oh by the way, thanks for sending me to Woods & Trophies. That worked out quite well.

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#5]
 12 Jan 2007
To: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#4] 12 Jan 2007

You are dropping a lot of $0.02. Are you paying the taxes on them?

From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#6]
 12 Jan 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#5] 12 Jan 2007

They come out of my after tax earnings. That is why I can only give two cents......

From: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#7]
 12 Jan 2007
To: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#6] 12 Jan 2007

If you were in my tax bracket, you would only owe me a penny for my thoughts. That would be 50% off of your two cents worth. (devil)

From: Sei (SEIMA) [#8]
 19 Jan 2007
To: laserman (MIKEMAC) [#1] 20 Jan 2007

Interesting bit on Federal Income Tax.


Thing is I'm not brave enough to not pay taxes. Law or not I don't want the IRS attack squad showing up at my door with AK-47s. :P


From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#9]
 19 Jan 2007
To: Sei (SEIMA) [#8] 19 Jan 2007

O I Sei.

If I believed that I would be too gullible to be a moderator. (Sometimes I am not.) :P

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#10]
 19 Jan 2007
To: Sei (SEIMA) [#8] 19 Jan 2007


You're in the same boat with many people, who, even though the Supreme court says the 16th ammendment is untenable, would rather go easily, than incur the wrath of the IRS.

I found it interesting, in the interview with Aaron Russo, that ex-IRS agents, who investigated the laws pertaining to an income tax and found no legal support for the tax, are now amongst the ranks of people who don't pay.

From: UncleSteve [#11]
 19 Jan 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#10] 19 Jan 2007

http://freerepublic.info/focus/f-news posts may bring you up to date...

Google Brown refuses to pay taxes plainfield, new hampshire to IRS and you will get many results including some that do show a law, not in the original constitution or bill of rights but.....

EDITED: 19 Jan 2007 by DGL

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#12]
 19 Jan 2007
To: UncleSteve [#11] 19 Jan 2007


That link wasn't working, until I removed the numbers from the end. Don't know if I saw what you were pointing to or not.

From: UncleSteve [#13]
 19 Jan 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#12] 20 Jan 2007

It is an article about a man who claims he "doesn't have to pay income taxes" holed up in his house in New Hampshire. The IRS on the outside and Ed peeking out the windows..

Ed's wife is cutting a deal, I believe, but he is holding out.

The basis of almost all of the claims I have followed over the years (remember, I was an accountant in my early years) are over the official definition of "income" which only applies to companies by their interpretation of the law.

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#14]
 20 Jan 2007
To: UncleSteve [#13] 20 Jan 2007


I don't have enough time to barricade myself in the house and peek out the windows, so I guess I'll just keep on paying taxes. :-)

I don't mind paying taxes. My objection, is how the money is spent (wasted).

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