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From: Jer (DIAMOND) [#1]
 31 Jan 2007

I got an e-mail this afternoon from JDS. They discussed the overseas scams we have been seeing where large orders are placed and supposedly paid with a credit card. They included a link with info about scams.


Dear Valued JDS Customer:

We've received alerts that suggest that the awards industry is currently being targeted by scammers attempting to purchase large orders of awards.

In one case, an end user is contacting many dealers attempting to order a large quantity of bobble heads and put the order on a credit card. The order is supposedly for a user in Algeria or Ghana and is typically phoned in or e-mailed to the dealer. The credit card number they use in each case is the same although sometimes they claim to be from Florida, other times, Detroit, etc. Recently, four dealers in Baton Rouge received this very suspicious order.

In another case, a member received a very unusual operator assisted phone call as well as a very strange accompanying email from someone claiming to be in Ghana, wanting to order 1200 awards with a credit card.

In yet another case, a member received an urgent email requesting an order for 50 trophies, 36" tall to be shipped overseas. They replied to the email, only to receive a curt reply stating that the ONLY way they could pay for the order was by Charge Card.

If you receive similar correspondence, please proceed with caution. If you believe you are the target of a scam, please contact your local authorities.. Additional information and resources can also be found at the following link:

Thank you,

JDS Industries, Inc.



Thanks to JDS.

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