Full Version: Super Bowl living up to its name?

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#1]
 4 Feb 2007

Good game so far. Much better than some of the "Snoozer Bowls."

3rd Quarter = Indiana 19, Chicago 14

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From: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#2]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#1] 4 Feb 2007

I agree it's a great game although Chicago just thre an interception in the 4th and I think it's going to be the end for them...
The commercials, however, leave a lot to be desired.... :S

 4 Feb 2007
To: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#2] 4 Feb 2007

Glad to see the deserving team win..... Congrats Colts fans!!!!!

With Da Bears in our confrence, I thought I might be able to root for them....but being a dye hard Packer fan.....I just had to root for the Colts. Payton Manning is a far more deserving quarterback at this juncture........

Brett Farve is back next year with the Pack.....Looking forward to at least one more run at the big dance before he retires.....


From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#4]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#2] 4 Feb 2007


I didn't have a particular team to root for, although I was kind of pulling for the Bears.

There are such high expectations for the commercials, during the Superbowl.

I guess at something like $2.5 Million per 30 sec. spot, there should be. :-)

From: LaZerDude (C_BURKE) [#5]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#1] 4 Feb 2007

Best part of the game was the first three minutes I think. :D

From: gt350ed [#6]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#4] 4 Feb 2007

Great game! The best team (at least on this day--when it counted) was the one that won. It definitely was not boring. If any of us got up, pretty much at any time during the game, to go get pizza or chips, something was missed....a fumble, another fumble, an interception, a missed field goal or a touchdown. I enjoyed it.

But, for our party, the best part was at the end when Tony Dungy was being interviewed and he said that it wasn't so much about two black coaches, but that they were the first Christian coaches (not necessarily the case), trusting in the Lord, or words to that effect.


My point is not to push Christianity (although I'm willing), but to be startled that Tony had the courage to get his spiritual feelings and perspective out over the airwaves. I'm noticing that more and more. It's refreshing.

From: Peter [#7]
 4 Feb 2007

wha is a superbowl

From: UncleSteve [#8]
 4 Feb 2007
To: gt350ed [#6] 5 Feb 2007

So Dungy was saying "God is a Colt fan"???? 8-O

A little pretentious in my opinion.....

Fun to watch but more of a "who will make fewer mistakes" rather than "We are better than them." game.

From: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#9]
 4 Feb 2007
To: UncleSteve [#8] 4 Feb 2007

Of course God is a Colt's fan...That's why the sky is blue and white.. B-)
I personally didn't care who won the game since I am an Eagles fan. After the opening kickoff return I thought it could be anyone's game...

From: UncleSteve [#10]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#9] 4 Feb 2007

That's why the sky is blue and white.. B-)

Nobody ever 'splained it that way before!

Wish I knew that BEFORE the game started.... :'-(

From: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#11]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Peter [#7] Unread


It's a day of rest for the hockey and soccer fans.

From: Mick [#12]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#9] 4 Feb 2007

Becky, Becky, Becky............

The sky is Blue and ORANGE, God is a Bronco's fan !!!!!!!!

From: Sam (SAMC11) [#13]
 4 Feb 2007

Commercials, I thought were horrible. All that money for what, will these influence my buying habits? Definitely so!

From: Becky (KIAIJANE) [#14]
 4 Feb 2007
To: Mick [#12] 5 Feb 2007

Are you still a Broncos fan after this year?!? Good on ya. Ahh, if only all quarterbacks could go out like Elway instead of hanging on past their prime in a desperate attempt to score a Super Bowl Ring
I mean no disrespect to you Marino/Favre fans B-)
I am actually a closet Redskins fan. >.<
I also live in Penn State Country where the "God is a Penn State fan because the sky is blue and white" joke also applies.
So you see, it wasn't even my joke.. ;-)

From: bobkat [#15]
 5 Feb 2007
To: RALLYGUY (RALLYGUY1) [#3] 5 Feb 2007

I thought you were a Vikings fan.....

 5 Feb 2007
To: bobkat [#15] 7 Feb 2007

Nope....Packer fan through and through...Was born the year of the first Superbowl......Waited until 96 to see them win again.....Hoping I see it again in the near future.

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