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From: Dave Jones (DAVERJ) [#4]
 7 Feb 2007
To: Awardsguy [#3] 8 Feb 2007

Even a money order or cashier's check can bounce several weeks after your bank puts the money in your account, depending on the location and type of bank it is (supposedly) drawn on.

From: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#5]
 7 Feb 2007
To: Awardsguy [#3] 8 Feb 2007

I seriously doubt that I'll hear back from him, but there's no way I'd accept an order of this magnitude without talking to the customer first.

This thing smacks of scam....just look at the stuff that WASN'T in the email:

ANY contact info (besides email address)
Sizes or styles of trophies (it's worth mentioning that we don't yet have any pictures or descriptions of trophies on our website)

I've never heard the word "sawear", so I Googled it. All I found were references to foreign (Russian?) websites and the word "swear" (but spoken with two syllables), usually quoted from preachers.

Just another one for y'all to watch out for.

From: Awardsguy [#6]
 8 Feb 2007

I normally just mark them as spam and put them in the trash.

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