Full Version: Universal Torque Rotary Fixture - Brand New or Used

From: Bobby (SHARPMACK) [#1]
 4 Mar 2007

I need a used or Brand new - Universal Torque Rotary Fixture.

Please contact us at: 1-877-7Trophy

EDITED: 5 Mar 2007 by DGL

From: Dave Jones (DAVERJ) [#2]
 5 Mar 2007
To: Bobby (SHARPMACK) [#1] 5 Mar 2007

I'm just curious. What's the difference between the "Universal Torque Rotary Fixture" you want to buy and the "Universal Rotary Fixture" you are selling?

From: Bobby (SHARPMACK) [#3]
 5 Mar 2007
To: Dave Jones (DAVERJ) [#2] 5 Mar 2007

One is for a Versa Laser ; and the one is for a Universal Laser

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