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From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1]
 8 Mar 2007

Pretty decent writing till the end, then botched grammer and no caps at the begining of sentences. The message speaks for itself.

Our company is looking for dynamic individuals to be responsible for the area of transaction operations, customer service.
This job requires punctuality, good organizational skills and some computer skills with microsoft office programs.
We have started recruitment of new sales represetatives whose work includes distribution of funds received for sold items and paying fees to the suppliers. many customers prefer to receive money for the product we purchase from them through fast payment systems using their empowered person's assistance so our represetative's work requires receiving and sending send such payments.
When we sell something sales represetative receives the payment from our customer and the main task for agent is to forward the funds to our representative via bank transfer.
These procedures let us to gain the main advantage over our competitors.
Our financial manager will be able to handle the payments in many states all over the USA significantly accelerating the whole payment process.
This work is rather simple but sales representative should be very honest and responsible person. It will take just few hours per day several times per week. The salary is calculated on percent basis. Sales representative receives transaction fee, that commonly is 5% of each successfully forwarded payment.
The salary can be retrieved immediately after the payment has been sent agent's account.
Average sales represetative's salary is $1500-2500.
This job would take 10-15 hours a week.
If you wish to join our team you should just let us know sending an email to: support@boxolution.info and you will be sent an application form shortly. You should fill the form and send back to us. Your application form will be examined within few business days and you will receive our decision after that.
Usually we do not decline and give a chance to everyone to try this occupation with the only exclusion if we find unsettled debts in your credit history or criminal records. we highlight security questions because big amount are usually sent.
if you have any additional questions feel free to send an email to: employment@boxolution.info with word 'vacancy' specified in subject field.

From: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#2]
 8 Mar 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1] 8 Mar 2007

Usually we do not decline

Sounds like my kinda employer!!

 8 Mar 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1] 8 Mar 2007

Even if it is legit, it sounds like telemarketing to me, the people you love to here from in the middle of dinner.

From: Goodvol (JIMGOOD) [#4]
 8 Mar 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1] 8 Mar 2007

When I read it I keep reverting back to an oriental accent. It makes me werry werry suspicious. ;-)


From: Dave Jones (DAVERJ) [#5]
 9 Mar 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1] 9 Mar 2007

Sounds like the job title would be "Money Launderer"

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#6]
 11 Mar 2007

Another version of the same scam.

Dear candidates!
Our aim is to provide reliable completing of
transactions via the Internet. When real property
(valuable information, software, IT projects,
intellectual property etc.) changes hands, there
arises a question about safety of the transaction,
which our company can give. It is important to both
the buyer and the seller. We solve all the questions
concerning finance and law documentation, money bank
transfers, we also provide security and secrecy of
transactions carried out. The high-leveled
technologies enable us to instantly react to our
clients' rapidly changing requirements. As all our
representatives are professionals it allows us to
complete transactions in short periods of time without
any delays.
Due to our rich experience there are only first-class
financial representatives working for the company, who
can instantly react to any changes in the procedure
and take correct decisions. You can begin the career
of an financial representatives with us.
Your dream of working part-time and earning serious
money will come true as soon as you get the job of an
financial representatives in our company. Browse
through our site to learn how you can get profits
working as an financial representatives without
getting involved into MLM, work-at-home and other
Our partners are huge Internet auctions, which have
been cooperating with us for many years.
We do not hide our business connections, which makes
us absolutely honest to our clients.
We offer you a choice:
1. You will receive 5 % from each transaction and
totally you will have approximately $2000 per month.
(Moreover you can use the work with us as an
additional job except the basic one.
Your responsibilities will be to check your e-mail two
times a day and once a week you are supposed to visit
your bank to make money transfers about which you will
be instructed in details).
We are going to increase the amounts of transfers in
future and your profit will be $2500, and in 5 months
it will be $3000.
2. You will receive 7 % from each transaction (If the
transaction will exceed $20.000 we shall stipulate
your percent directly ahead of the transaction)
but it is necessary for you to open a
business(corporate) account, your profit will be
almost $5000 per month.
Our customers often deal with real estate and you
could make good money if you open business account as
soon as possible.
You can find out how to open business account in your
Our business is 100 % legal.
Here is short description of our business
Our client will send transfers to Your account (it is
usually payment for some goods or services). As soon
as money will be on Your account You will send to us
confirmation of that.
We will message to seller that the deal is completed,
seller will send goods to our client.
Then You will send money to seller.
That is all.
Do not hesitate to contact me.
E-Mail: design_manager30@yahoo.com
Looking forward to work with You!

From: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#7]
 11 Mar 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#6] 12 Mar 2007

You'd think they'd get smart, and hire someone who knows ENGLISH to write those goofy things.

From: Vicky (ANDERI) [#8]
 19 Mar 2007
To: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#7] 19 Mar 2007

This would almost be amusing if it wasn't so dangerous. (devil) I just talked a neighbour & friend out of taking a similar "job". Here's what might happen to people who fall for these types of scams:

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