Full Version: Nigerian Scammers caught!

From: Carl (CSEWELL) [#14]
 13 Mar 2007
To: Doc (GREAT_ATLANTIC) [#13] 13 Mar 2007

I regret to inform you that, since you did not CC the original recipient of the e-mail, you are NOT qualified to receive the disbursement. If you'd like to correct this error, please do so, and we will reconsider your disbursement.

From: gt350ed [#15]
 13 Mar 2007
To: Barbara (RGILE) [#5] 14 Mar 2007

Are you saying THIS also a scam by dem fruadsters? Cause I already send off the informations too dem. Oh lowdy!! :-&

From: Barbara (RGILE) [#16]
 14 Mar 2007
To: gt350ed [#15] 14 Mar 2007

You are a nut.
Thanks for the laugh.

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