Full Version: SIU!!!

From: Dave (MT_DAVE) [#1]
 22 Mar 2007

Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: JHayes55 [#2]
 22 Mar 2007
To: Dave (MT_DAVE) [#1] 22 Mar 2007

Thanks buddy - tough loss to a very good Kansas team. I don't think many people thought it would be this close. This years team is one classy bunch of kids.

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From: Engravin' Dave (DATAKES) [#3]
 22 Mar 2007
To: JHayes55 [#2] 22 Mar 2007


It was a great game that could have gone either way. The kids can hold their heads high on that effort. My Kansas Jayhawk wife approves of the end result. ;-) We also adopted our daughter in Lawrence, KS, the home of Kansas University. She is a little Jayhawk who also approved of the results.

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From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#4]
 22 Mar 2007

Great game but not so good ending. Was really rooting for SIU. Have alot of ties to KU. Had a good friend that played there plus my old hoops coach was an assistant there too. BUT>>>>>>>>>>The Bill Self thing still torks me off. He left a good program for KU. Oh well..So much for the sour grapes. Just love those underdog teams playing the big boys. I was really rooting for SIU.

All said and done I needed SIU to beat KU in a major ball pool. It would have pushed me into the lead. Now I need Gtown to win it all. I'll be watching all the games at the shop this weekend. Work must go on.

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