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From: Trout Bum (PBROCK1) [#1]
 1 Apr 2007

If anyone is interested I have nearly a nearly new Geo Knight Digital Combo press with the plate attachment (never used) and nearly new K3 cup press for sale. There is also an Epson Stylus 1280 printer with a Quick Connect IQ 1280 bulk ink system with 2 unopened replacement cartridges ( Black and Cyan)

I can send photos to serious inquirers and will also throw in a couple of cases ot 6" tiles, 17 cups, and some other goodies such as mouse pads etc.

I don't have time to market the sublimated products and have lost interest. Make me a serious offer and it is yours.

From: Mike (TOOCON) [#2]
 2 Apr 2007
To: Trout Bum (PBROCK1) [#1] 3 Apr 2007


As a matter of fact I am currently in the market for this type of equipment.

Can you confirm the model number of the Geo Knight, and yes pictures would be appreciated.

Also, do you have a real moniker (name) as I haven't a clue with whom I will be dealing with. your profile is somewhat empty.

Please advise,


From: Trout Bum (PBROCK1) [#3]
 3 Apr 2007
To: Mike (TOOCON) [#2] Unread

Hi Mikey,

I am Perry Brock and my PM is pbrock1@msn.com. The items are in my shop in Lynchburg, TN.

The cup press is the DK3 and the flat press is the 1416 Digital Combo Press with the unused plate atachment. I bought it because attachments can be added for caps and other things to make it more versatile. Together they both list for over $1800.00 new before the plate attachment is added.

The Epson 1280 is presently set up using the Sawgrass Power Driver IQ 1280. I have the disk.

You can call me at 931-759-7707.

If you can give me your email address I will take some photos and send them to you.

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