Full Version: Nigerian Scam?

From: Mike (MIKEN) [#1]
 21 Apr 2007

For the past couple of days I have been responding to an inquiry about 2000 name tags. After 3 emails today I received the following:

Dear Mike,

Find the type of badge we are intrested to purchase from your company. Kindly send us the total cost with shipment via USPS to Lagos Nigeria also let us know the type of credit card your company accept.

Items Needed and the Sizes:
1. Size 1 x 3 name badges, 1-line, in gold metal frame, safety pin back:======1000PCS
2. Size 11/16 x 2 11/16 name badges, 1-line, in gold metal frame, safety pin back:==1000PCS

Expecting to hear from you asap.



Thinking this is a scam developing I advised them that I do not export my products.

I'm only posting for info.

From: basehorawards [#2]
 22 Apr 2007
To: Mike (MIKEN) [#1] 22 Apr 2007

Does the USPS even ship Parcel Post overseas?

From: Mike (MIKEN) [#3]
 22 Apr 2007
To: basehorawards [#2] 22 Apr 2007

Yes, as I recall, I sent something to my daughter in Germany. I took that chance because it was so much cheaper than UPS.

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