Full Version: cork coasters

From: RICK (THUMBSUP) [#1]
 24 Apr 2007

What is a good source for cork coasters? Is there much of a market for them?Thanks

From: John (ICTJOHN) [#2]
 24 Apr 2007
To: RICK (THUMBSUP) [#1] 24 Apr 2007


The dollar type stores have them in a pack of 4 - for a cost of..........you guessed it...$1.00 (or there abouts) prices are subject to change, your mileage may vary, check with your dealer for options...


From: Mikey (MIKE2449) [#3]
 25 Apr 2007
To: RICK (THUMBSUP) [#1] 25 Apr 2007

I distribute cork from a floor covering biz I run outside of this one. A 12x12 piece about 1/8" thick runs about $7. You can vector cut this stuff. As far as the market, it's there but I don't think there's a lot of money in it. I could be wrong though, as I am very new to this biz.

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