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From: Boz (CHEDDARHEAD) [#5]
 25 Apr 2007

Hey Mikey, it happens to everyone. It usually happens when the deadline is looming.

Yesterday, I was doing the final shake down cruise on a Epilog Legend 24EX. This machine had been completely redone, all new optics. Everything tested out individually in perfect condition. So, one last test, I wanted to make sure it was engraving perfectly. So I sent a file over, through in a piece of black anodized aluminum, hit the run buttton. It was somo of the raggiest engraving I have ever seen. Change a couple of parameters, and do it again. Soft edges, lines not quite fitting together. Really bad. So I proceed to tear the machine apart to figure out what is going on. Everything looks good. So it must be the laser has gone bad. Check all of those parameters. Drive the guys nuts at Epilog Tech Support. Now, I am about ready to spaz out, and the young lad happens to walk past. He wants to kow why this machine has not shipped. So I show him the engraving sample. He looks at it, then wanders over to the computer. So he asks me why I am running a colored bitmap, with the color mapping on? DOH. IT was dithering, and I was not. Only wasted about 6 hours in my panic mode. Changed the color, and the black anodized aluminum came out perfectly.

A rookie mistake for a guy that handles ~ 60 machines per year. DOH!

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#6]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Boz (CHEDDARHEAD) [#5] 26 Apr 2007

One great thing about a brain fart. No one can smell it except for the person involved.

Been there done that. As I said before, it is so easy to get involved in the difficult stuff and forget a basic.

From: Mikey (MIKE2449) [#7]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#6] 25 Apr 2007

Harvey & Bob:
Thanks guys--a good laugh after anxious moments always helps. Bob, I did something similar, I had the grid (a vector file) selected instead of my bmp image. However, I have to show you guys the final result as I am very happy with. Also, have located a new supply of very black marble that turns very white--look at the depth of these images! If anyone would like the source of this stone, let me know.
I can't say enough about the wonderful people in this forum.
Thanks again guys!

From: JHayes55 [#8]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Mikey (MIKE2449) [#7] 26 Apr 2007

grid (a vector file) selected instead of my bmp image

Lucky that I am not the kind of guy to say I told you so. (devil)
Needless to say I learned that little error by reading reading about it, not the fact that I would have ever done that myself. (tongue in cheek) :-$ (Cough, Cough)

Glad it worked out - you photos look great.

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