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From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#1]
 25 Apr 2007

Good morning all.. Need some urgent help here. Had a person come in for this type of medal. At least the shape. I'm going to need at least 500-1k of these. The custumer said that the person they bought from last year willl not help out by giving them the name of the company that produces these. I'm in need of the company as well. Hopefully they can change a bit of the wording on these since they have the layout and all.
Any suggestions. I'm in a tight window here so any help would be appreciated... I hate to take the business away from the people that did these last year but $$$ talks and BS walks.


From: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#2]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#1] 25 Apr 2007

It's almost impossible to tell who made a particular design of custom medal. You might try calling the custom suppliers (Catania, Clay Tex, Classic Medallic, etc.) to see if they know about this one.

I'm assuming that they'll re-run this mold for you, since you didn't order them originally. Never tried this before.....let us know how it turns out.

If you can't find the original manufacturer, one of the above companies should be able to make a mold from the picture that you posted.

From: Mike (MIKEN) [#3]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#2] 25 Apr 2007

Legally that artwork belongs to the artist, not to the customer unless the artist sold it to the customer. If you run them you may be opening the door to problems.

Maybe you can change the design.

From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#4]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#2] 25 Apr 2007

The basic shape of the medal is the most important here. I know I'll have to change the design LOGO and WORDING. If I only could find the company that has the medals I'll call them and see if this is one of their medals. Thanks for your help. I'm still looking.

From: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#5]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#4] 25 Apr 2007

The shape won't be a problem for any of the major companies (the ones that I listed, plus some that I'm not thinking of right now).

Just send your favorite supplier the picture, and they should be able to set it up in a jiffy.

From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#6]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Mike (MIKEN) [#3] Unread

I'm aware of the design thing. The design was given to the shop that got the medals. They sent it off to have these made. I will probably have to redesign these to make them my own. The real thing is the shape of the medal. I know the people that are doing this festival will probably have a stroke when they hear they will have to fork out another amount of money for the design die cast. oh well.

From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#7]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Cody (BOBTNAILER) [#5] 25 Apr 2007

Okay who might be the best and the cheapest. I'm looking to the name you gave me. I've dealt with some of these before.

From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#8]
 25 Apr 2007

Okay... Does "CNIJ" mean anything to anyone. I found a company in canada with that name. I also got a copy of last years invoice that states the CNIJ classic medal and the price. Gonna Look into that now.
Keep on TRUCKIN' baby!

From: Tony (ANTE) [#9]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#7] 25 Apr 2007

You may check with:


From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#10]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#7] 25 Apr 2007


You might try our newest "Special Deals" supplier, Debco Mfg.

Talk to David Curran.

I can vouch for the quality of their work. I worked for the company many moons ago.

From: John (ICTJOHN) [#11]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#1] 25 Apr 2007


You don't need/want the company that made them last year for several reasons:

1. The previous award company that order the medals owns the "rights" to use that design. You will not be able to use the die even if it is for the same "end user".

2. If you tell the manufacture that you want to have more of the medals made with changes, there is a possibility that they will call last years dealer and tell them what is going on..... I had that happen to me a few months ago - I lost the order.

3. Most any custom medal manufacturer can make that same shape, size, look. It is not a fine quality piece, it actually looks to be "spin cast" so many of the higher end manufactures may not do that kind of process.

You have already been given several names that will be a good place to start.

Good luck,


From: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#12]
 25 Apr 2007

FYI--- I found the company for the medals. Took me all day. Between all of you good folks and me going thru all the medal companies on the ARA website. I found it. I have to vcall them back tomorrow with the changes and they will take care of me and my order. I just hope I get these back in time. Whoooooooooooopie. Time for a cocktail!!!!

From: gt350ed [#13]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#8] 25 Apr 2007

Hey "Funky".....

The company "CNIJ" is an asian firm operating out of Canada. They were represented at this year's ARA in Las Vegas. At registration, each of us got a dog tag with a full color imprint on it. It looked like dye-sub but may have been a decal.

In any event, I agree with John that you will likely NOT be able to go back to that company for the same medal without creating needless legal headaches for yourself. On the otherhand, if you like the quality and you change the design, and you are SURE that CNIJ did the original job, you could go with them.

But, like others have said, once you have a new design, you might want to go with other companies for reasons of price, service, etc. Interestingly, AT Designs is also Canada based, although they now have U.S. locations. We have used Faro, also based in Montreal, Canada. Great service with Faro.

From: UncleSteve [#14]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Funkmeister (FUNKY) [#8] 25 Apr 2007

Well, why didn't you say so in the first place?


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