Full Version: Virus ALERT

From: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1]
 25 Apr 2007

The attached image is of a new email that looks malicious. The words are in an image format to boot.


From: John (ICTJOHN) [#2]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1] 25 Apr 2007


Isn't that lovely,

a friend you didn't know you had,
sends you instructions to get rid of a virus you don't have,
threatens you with interrupted e-mail services
and then gives you a virus that you don't want!


From: Dave Jones (DAVERJ) [#3]
 25 Apr 2007
To: Harvey only (HARVEY-ONLY) [#1] 25 Apr 2007

I'm guessing that is what was inside an email that arrived here this morning, which I deleted without even opening. It came from "Support Center" and had a title of "Worm Alert", and was 75KB. Those 3 things together made me not even bother to look at the email, but to just delete it along with the rest of the spam.

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