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From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#1]
 6 Jan 2010

What's better than the Engraving Etc. forum?

Well, I'll have to recuse myself from answering that question, but I do have a suggestion.

How about:

Engraving Etc. Live!
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
2 pm - 10 pm

Yes, it's true!

We'll be convening in the iconic city of Las Vegas, NV, at the Palace Room, in the Imperial Palace Hotel Casino.

That's where the people of Engraving Etc. (and others) will meet up, to continue the rampant, informative "love fest" that you witness here, throughout the year!

The format has been left intentionally free-wheeling, but we do have a commitment from Mike Frucciano, of Laser Bits and Laser U, to provide a 10-15 min. overview of his company's products and services, followed by an opportunity to answer your questions.

6:00 pm - Mike Frucciano

If anyone else has an axe to grind, before a target demographic of the awards and engraving industry, please let me know and we'll be sure to shoe-horn you in.


Naturally, we encourage people to bring along some of their best work, for a show and tell, but the main objective is to get together, give our keyboards a rest and hang out with some of the nicest, most creative people in the world.

That would be the wonderful folks of Engraving Etc!

Check it out! Won'tcha?


From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#2]
 14 Jan 2010

I still need to see when the following people would like to do their presentations, but here are a couple we can tenatively add to the list:

David Baldwin - Engraving Systems Support

Mark Berlant - Panterials, Inc.

Mark's presentation will be on shear maintenance/refurbishing.

David Baldwin brought up something interesting in a private email. They're going to be the rep for a new machine from Acrylic Idea Factory.

That caught my interest!

You can wait until the show floor opens on Wednesday, or come to EE Live, Tuesday, where we can strap David to the witness stand and give him a light grilling.

Kind of like a piece of halibut.


From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#3]
 27 Jan 2010

We're adding Kevin Lumberg and John Barker, of Johnson Plastics (JP) to the list of speakers.

Both are long-time sublimation enthusiasts and in-house sublimation experts for JP.

Before the show, I'll firm it up and be back with a schedule of times for all the speaker's presentations.

More to come.

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