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From: Reed-o (WINFRED) [#1]
 1 Jan 2021

Hello all. I'm new here. I ask you to be patient with me. I am in great need for a copy of the operators manual for a New Hermes Vanguard 4000 engraving machine. I especially need the pages that shows the area where job set-up, dwell, cutting, job size, margins and all input data. With out this I'm lost. Working in the dark.
I'm happy to pay for an original book or a copy either pdf or hard. This is the old flat controller that uses cartridges. Can you please help.
I can't cross it over to a PC as much as I like to. Don't have the skill nor the money.
Thank you kindly and good day.
I hope I can find someone to help.

Winfred Reed

From: hnnanan [#2]
 28 Apr 2021
To: Reed-o (WINFRED) [#1] Unread

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From: lnnanan [#3]
 11 Jun 2021
To: Reed-o (WINFRED) [#1] Unread

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From: worldescortspag [#4]
 25 Nov 2021

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From: hotarticlee1 [#5]
 14 Jun 2022

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From: solutionbo [#6]
 8 Nov 2022

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