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From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#1]
 3 Feb 2005

When it comes to pricing, whether you realize it or not, your customers are sometimes dropping hints.

How many times have you had a customer ask the price of a product, and after hearing the amount, say, "Gee! That's all?"

Probably more often than you'd care to admit.

About a year ago, I was referred to a company whose clientele consists of the very rich, and the very famous. I was asked to produce a small, but fairly simple, backlit panel for one of their products.

When asked how much the panel would cost, I thought I was being pretty crafty, by taking into account the income level of their well-heeled clientele.

I priced the panel at twice the amount I normally would. When I blurted out a price of $150, guess what happened?

I was laughed at! Was I gouging?

The business owner smiled and said, "Charge me $200, and spend the extra $50 on your daughter.

I felt like an idiot. How badly did I miss the mark? How much could I have gotten away with without the customer flinching?

Shortly thereafter, I was aked to drop by the shop and talk to a client's "point man" regarding nomenclature for various switches.

Armed with the knowledge that I offer a crucial service, and realizing these people are depending on my expertise, I was only two hours into the project, and I counted myself in for $200. 1 hour consultation and 1 hour creating a computer drawing.

Who knows? I was probably still too low, but after being laughed at, I plan to take that hint to mean, when entering the world of the pampered and demanding, I'll need to be equally adamant about demanding what I deserve for my many years of accumulated knowledge.

Moral of the story?

Do yourself a favor - Learn to take a hint

You'll be glad you did :-)

David "The Stunt Engraver" Lavaneri
DGL Engraving
Port Hueneme, CA

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From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#3]
 4 Feb 2005
To: logojohn [#2] 5 Feb 2005


Yikes! I love that. Congratulations!

That's one of the reasons I encourage people to get a system capable of rotary/drag engraving.

It's a unique "look" and with so many businesses starting with laser equipment, (which can't reproduce that distinctive look) the doors of opportunity are wide open for people with rotary/drag systems.

If a person picks up a (quality) used machine for less than $2K, it doesn't take a math major to determine, the machine will pay for itself extremely quickly. The rest is gravy.

And I happen to like gravy :-)

I bought my first computerized system in 1989. I have no idea how many times it's paid for itself. Still use it every day.

David "The Stunt Engraver" Lavaneri
DGL Engraving
Port Hueneme, CA

From: Ward (STENSONENG) [#4]
 4 Feb 2005
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#3] 4 Feb 2005

Right ON! Since we do these jobs every day, day after day, we forget that we are
being paid for our expertise. Some of us paid our dues engraving trophy plate for
3 cents a letter or less, and all of us have cast our bread upon the waters with free
jobs, free re-do's, errors, damaged goods and broken tools. You've a right to
collect rewards for your efforts. Ward

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