Full Version: Are you making too much money?

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#5]
 7 Jan 2007
To: Myyk [#4] 7 Jan 2007

Yeah, time flies. :-)

I can imagine how you feel about digging for motivation, after a full day's work at the shop; especially while you're home, where there are more distractions to take your mind off of work.

They're pleasant distractions though, i.e., having dinner with the family, watching a bit of TV and essentially doing the things that make you feel like you have a life beyond your work.

That's one of the more difficult aspects of having a home-based business; even though you're not officially home-based.

Are you a morning person? If so, it might be better to knock out some of the laser work then.

I've never considered myself a morning person, but find that I have more motivation and clarity of thought then, than if I try to push myself to work far into the night.

I still have difficulty with some of the pricing (artwork is one of them). I wonder (being self taught) if I should charge similar prices to graphic artists and signwriters who have been formally trained. I may well take longer to generate the design than professionals in that area. what do you think?

If your results are professional, regardless if you're self-taught or not, I say you deserve professional pay. It's a service, that generally, your customers can't perform for themselves.

Some can, and in those cases, I'd welcome them supplying the artwork.

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From: Myyk [#6]
 7 Jan 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#5] 7 Jan 2007

Good Suggestion about morning laser work. However, the young couple next door have a baby and I don't feel disposed to turn on the laser and blower before 8am as they generate some noise

From: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#7]
 8 Jan 2007
To: Myyk [#6] 8 Jan 2007

I'm sure there are many people who would like to have neighbors as considerate as yourself. :-)

What about a soundproof box for the blower?

From: Myyk [#8]
 8 Jan 2007
To: Stunt Engraver (DGL) [#7] 9 Jan 2007

I have considered that, but haven't got around to it so far. My wife also wants to move, so there's another excuse for my continuing inaction on this front.

I also need to build a proper outlet for the exhaust. At present, it's just a tube stuck put the handiest window. After all, it's only been about 15 months since I installed the laser and one can't rush these things!

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From: ram (MCTAWARDS) [#9]
 8 Jan 2007

Hi all,

We are in this business for the past 3 yrs. Hvg got a great confidence in laser engraving photos in wood we started and thought of getting the returns very quickly, since there is no competitors. But , we are hung with pricing.. we failed to make market using wood. Customers say its too costly.

we had to think to change our view.. from photos to awards.depending colleges, educational institutions.

Still we have not achieved atleast 25% of our goals to touch the hieghts..

Competitors with minimal rates, hobbyists, game of the customers... are the factors to decide our engravers fate. Sometimes we think to close the business.. very frustrating.

suggest us to get rid of this..


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