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Thursday Mornin adj.jpg

Daybreak, of an especially long and unforgettable day. You can see
tracks of the newly-installed monorail system, in the foreground.

were in Stitches sized.jpg

The Class of 2006! This photo was actually taken toward the end of the
evening. Some of the 68 attendees had already departed, but as you can see,
we still had a pretty healthy group remaining. Thank you to Terry Adams for taking the photo.

The Professor and Mod sized.jpg

One of my right-hand men, Harvey Lentchner and myself.

Leslie and Rolf sized.jpg

Rolf and his lovely wife Leslie. I discovered Rolf and Leslie have recently
become "empty nesters." Don't tell the kids, but I think they're enjoying
their newfound status. :-)

Ed and Sharon Holley sized.jpg

Ed Holley and his pretty lady, Sharon, who recently celebrated their
25th Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations!

Dave, Ed and Steve sized.jpg

Dave Loda, Ed Holley and Steve Natesky, (Marketing Director, Atomic Art)

Buxmont2 sized.jpg

This handsome couple is Debbie Koehler and Greg Bencsik (Bux-Mont Awards)

and Toni Hayes sized.jpg

Our good friends and some of my favorite people, Joe and Toni Hayes
(Graphics Galore Inc.)

Its JO

This photo doesn't do her justice, but this is the striking Jo Welter.
(Oregon Awards & Engraving)

Are we having fun sized.jpg

"Is this thing working!", says Ed Holley, as we break out the wireless mic,
so people can introduce themselves and say a few words. Directly in front
of Ed, is Brett Halle (Comet Technologies). To Brett's right (in the blue
shirt, is Chris Tegard (Treasured Creations).

and Kathy Vasic sized.jpg

Chuck Burke and the vivacious Kathy Vasic.

Lisa sized.jpg

From North Carolina, Jeff and Lisa Higginbotham (TrophyUSA)

Hula Boy and Engr Con sized.jpg

Roy Brewer, (who puts the "rep" in reputable), handsome Randy Allen, pretty
Jeanette Brewer-Richardson (Engraving Concepts) and Chuck Burke.

BTW - I'm in negotiations with a national gossip magazine, for the sale of
this photo. I'm told this is the first time Roy has ever been seen sitting
down. :-)

Be Quiet and Listen sized.jpg

Here I am, announcing Ed Holley as the winner of the David Lavaneri
look-alike contest. :-)

Not really, but there is a likeness.

Hula Boy and Mrs Only sized.jpg

The dress code was pretty stringent, as evidenced by Chuck's Versaci gown.
Harvey's wife, Dee Lentchner seems to approve.

I dont
want to sized.jpg

I had to get a closer look at that skirt, which I now regret. :-)

Zona and Chuck sized.jpg

Joe Hayes, Zona Hudkins (the world's most youthful Grandmother) and the Chuckster.

Zonas husband Steve sized.jpg

Zona's handsome husband, Steve Hudkins.

The Onlys

Happy couple, Harvey and Dee Lentchner.


Dennis Dwyer & pretty wife Linda (Bay Area Awards, FL)

Peter Vasic Chuck sized.jpg

Of course, as the evening wore on, as with any good party, things began to
spin completely out-of-control! Chuck Burke and Peter Vasic (down under) in
a tender moment.

The Professor and sized.jpg

Harvey, making noises only a dog could hear, upon receiving news that
Peter and Chuck had just returned from a Vegas, drive-thru wedding chapel.

you think sized.jpg

Friends of Mick, (representing Cactus Equipment), Kevin and Dana EuBanks.
Kevin was overheard saying, "Are you REALLY sure we want to be associated
with these people?" To which Dana replied, "Just chug that beer and we'll
hit the road. Make it snappy!!" :-)


Lynne and Dave Loda. Lynne thinking, "When did rocks become an ingredient
in egg rolls?" Dave thinking, "I wonder if it's too late to get a refund
from Lavaneri?"

No Rolf

Chuck, hoping Rolf is getting ready to whistle. Chuck was able to wriggle
out of this one by saying, "It's OK Rolf. An ice cream, at the next day's
ARA, will be plenty of thanks." :-)

Mr Ed and Sharon Holly size.jpg

Last, but not least, as much as I tried to preside over an above-board
event, there's always one party animal to crash the party. Good thing it
was all-you-can-eat. The guy ate like a horse!

I couldn't even get his name rank and serial number. All he would say is,
"I am Mister Ed." :-)

As you can see, we barely touched on all the people who attended the party,
but I'm sure you'll agree, if you weren't there, you really missed out.

Why not join us in 2007? You'll be happy you did. :-)

A special thanks to Ed Holley, the evening's Master of Ceremonies and to
Chuck Burke, (aka Hula Boy, Poi Boy) for capturing the festivities and
providing the preceding images.


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